Kramers’ Seafood Processing

We proudly show you how we produce our products, view the processes, a video says more than a thousand words.


Production lines


Production capacity


Pallet spaces

Freezing & glazing

Within a few minutes, our products are individually quick frozen to the core on the newest state of the art freezing lines,  which preserves the taste and structure. If desired, the fish is glazed and optimally protected and conditioned.


After the fish has been processed into a fillet or ready-to-eat product, it is mechanically graded to guarantee the correct weights.


With our fully automated sawing line we saw frozen fish fillet blocks into precisely calibrated portions, planks or sticks.

With our Nienstedt Moulding machine we form three-dimensional fillet portions directly from frozen blocks of fish under high pressure, the fillet structure is retained and ‘portion control’ is guaranteed.

Gluten free

Kramers’ Seafood your certified partner, in our separated production areas we produce gluten and/or lactose free products that meet the strictest requirements.


With our fully automated forming line, we produce any desired product, from fish fries to fish burgers. Precisely calibrated and portioned, carefully seasoned with herbs and spices.


On our breading line, the fillets are coated with  breadcrumb as per agreed specifications, possibly with white, yellow or fine gold crumb, flavoured at request. Always accurately sorted as agreed with the customer.


On our modern frying lines we pre-fry products, battered, lightly dusted or breaded with 100% vegetable oil.

Products with specially developed coatings for oven, pan, fryer, air fryer or grill plate are possible.


Our product developers have put together a number of delicious filled products for you, so that the total taste experience is exciting. If you have an idea or recipe of your own, we will be happy to work it out in a partnership.


With our unique “Lovet line” we are able to produce an even healthier product, with hot air and steam we can produce a breaded pre-fried product with significantly less fat. We can also produce completely cooked, grilled or steamed products here, ready to eat, with completely natural preservation of smell, colour, structure and taste.


The frozen products are packed under our brands Isola Fish and Fishmasters or as a private label. For retail, we pack in consumer boxes, trays, flow packs or bags in any requested weight between 250g and 3kg.

We pack precisely sorted and portioned products in weights between 2.5kg and 300kg per package for food service, gastronomy and industry.

Discover our extensive range of natural fish and fish with added value.