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In our modern, certified factory, we process both fresh fish and freshly frozen raw materials under the strictest conditions and standards into a tasty and easy-to-prepare product. Always under mutually agreed specifications. Please check our extensive range of products under the Isola Fish and Fishmasters brand, convince yourself.

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Cod fillet

with Italian herbs

Alaska pollock burger with leek

breaded & pre-fried

Alaska pollock with spinach & feta sauce

breaded & pre-fried

Alaska pollock fillet sticks

battered & fried

Alaska pollock portion

breaded & pre-fried

Sea bream fillet

Alaska pollock fillet

breaded & pre-fried

Alaska pollock surfer

breaded & pre-fried

The frozen products are packed under our brands Isola Fish and Fishmasters or as a private label. For retail, we offer products packed in consumer folding-boxes, trays, flow packs or bags in any requested weight between 250g and 3kg. For food service, catering and industry, we pack exactly graded and portioned product in weights between 3 kg and 300 kg, per colli.