Both of our brands stand out in terms of quality, craftsmanship, taste and variety.

Isola Fish

Healthy, Tasty, Trusty

We provide a wide range of fish and fish-related products under our brand known as Isola Fish. There are three categories: Fish from the North Sea, fish from around the world, and fish with added value. We are rewowned for the quality and freshness of our fish and fish-related products. Please click here and discover the wonderful nature of Isola Fish.


Passion for Craftsmanship

Our Fishmasters brand stands for a wide range of processed fish-related products. It is produced under one roof, an our craftsmanship and our technology means that we hold the upper hand in terms of variety and quality. We want to lead the way by being able to anticipate any changes in the market in rapid quick time. Click here and read about what Fishmasters believes in.