Kramers' Seafood is continuously broadening its horizons...

Kramers' Seafood from Urk in the Netherlands.

It is a well-known key player in the international fish market. This includes processing, producing, trading, storing and distributing. They have been doing so for a number of decades. And they do things by the book. It all started with the Kramer brothers who founded Gebr. Kramer B.V., Isola Fish B.V. and Kramer Coldstore B.V. and when in conjunction with Fishmasters B.V., which was taken over in 2020, after which KramersSeafood” can now be seen on the facade of the imposing factory and its office buildings. And the facilities are continuing to being extended with additional production and storage capacity, including a deep-freeze unit for 8,800 pallet spaces. The level of ambition extends beyond the horizon. The fourth Kramer generation is now in charge of the family-run business with 140 employees. The acquisition of Fishmasters has made a significant contribution in terms of revenue. KramersSeafood provides a wide range of fish and fish-related products to the retail, wholesale, cash-and-carry and institutional market sectors. Kramers’ Seafood also exports to around 35 countries across the globe. This is as far as the horizon extends…


Thanks to our many years of experience and our long-term and stable relationships with our customers, we can call ourselves a reliable partner in supplying the right high-quality fish product.

Our brands

Kramers’ Seafood has a large and a wide range of fish and fish-related products at its disposal. Our Isola Fish and Fishmasters brands stand out in terms of quality, craftsmanship, taste and variety.


Isola Fish and Fishmasters guarantees the best quality fish on the world market. Whether it is sea fish, freshwater fish or farmed fish, fresh or frozen, we know how to catch the best.

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